Vineyard Financing, LLC was founded to fill a void left by the public funeral home companies after their acquisition programs stopped. Funeral home owners still want to retire and they still want to sell their businesses. We believe we can help. We are more aggressive lenders because of the following:
  • We believe that funeral businesses are most effective, efficient and provide the best service to families when they are owned and operated locally.

  • We believe that the funeral homes, when operated correctly, provide stable cash flow and therefore deserve greater financing than is currently available through traditional bank financing.

  • We believe that there are many great funeral directors that don't have a real understanding of how to develop a business plan, obtain financing, and create a budget. We can provide all these things.

  • We realize that in the death care industry, providing superior service to families sometimes takes precedence over financial goals. In fact, good service and public relations are usually the first steps toward creating a company that can achieve its financial goals.

Who We Are
Vineyard is financially backed by individuals who have experience in the death care industry. We are a financing company not a mortgage broker, which means we hold on to the debt. We don't sell it. We work to develop relationships with the individuals that we finance and can continue to provide additional financing as our clients continue to grow.

Banks, who don't really understand the funeral industry, typically will loan only 80% of the hard assets of the business. In many cases, this is far short of the value of the funeral home business. Vineyard is capable of financing as much as 90% - 100% of the purchase price of the business and real estate. By using creative financial structures, we are able to offer loan repayment terms that allow for decreased payments if the funeral home's revenue is occasionally slower than normal.

We have an advisory relationship with the NewBridge Group that assists our clients with financing ideas, budgeting, marketing and general operational strategy.